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A Plain and Simple Truth
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield
Taking up the story where A Necessary Fiction ends in 1988, this sequel follows the consequences for the three men who meet at Laura’s funeral: for Robert Moray the revelation of a secret he has kept hidden for years; for John Rufford the anguish of learning the truth; and for Tom, the shattering of all the comfortable certainties of life.
While John struggles to keep his promise to Robert, Tom’s decision to maintain old loyalties is threatened by Robert’s stubborn determination to right a wrong.
Faced with conflicting emotional demands and an increasing sense of alienation, Tom must decide where his future lies – and with whom.
Five years on, he has the opportunity to resolve his dilemma.
Published by JayStone Pub-lications, ISBN 978-0-9574310-1-0, £9.99.

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