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Jane was initially commissioned by How To Books to write four titles under her professional name, Judith Johnstone, aimed at helping people wanting to improve their job-hunting skills or seeking to change their careers. Six editions later she decided to turn her attention to fiction. Initial inspiration came from research into several family histories and the revelation of some surprising facts. Her first novel A Necessary Fiction explores the potentially damaging consequences of discovering long-buried family secrets for those who uncover them.

A belated decision to dramatically change the ending of A Necessary Fiction raised questions as to how the characters would cope with their new-found knowledge over time, and her second novel A Plain and Simple Truth came out of this, exploring which is the stronger influence – Nature or Nurture.

Jane has no intention of making this series into a trilogy: the story-line has reached a natural conclusion and she has two other novels exploring difficult personal relationships which are sitting in files awaiting her attention.

In the meantime, under the penname C J Dacre, she is producing a collection of quirky short stories entitled Walking in Darkness which have a sci-fi flavour, and there is the possibility of resurrecting a full-length sci-fi thriller if she finds the time.

The Author.

Jane Emerssen, the Author

Other books from Amolibros

A Necessary Fiction, a genealogical mystery and romantic ‘coming of age’ novel set mainly in Cheshire in the early 1960s.

A Plain and Simple Truth, the sequel to A Necessary Fiction, set mainly in Northumberland and Cheshire in the late 1980s, early 1990s.

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